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hot toys of 2020

Surprise Hits of Holiday 2020

At the start of the season we shared our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for 2020, but now that we’re in the home stretch, we’ve learned a lot from your picks! Your kids have put some fun stuff on their wish lists, and if you’re looking for some last minute ideas you may find some good ones right here. You’ve found some wonderful treasures in our catalog and on our shelves, and we thought it would be fun to do a little recap of some of your top finds, so here we go!

Your Surprise Favorites of 2020

sketch pal dinosaur

Sketch Pals

$21.99 | Ages 4+ | Rawry the Dinosaur | Camper the Puppy | Lilly the Unicorn

Sketch Pals aree clippable, shareable, collectible doodle buddies. With a battery that lasts years (no need to recharge!), the Sketch Pal is made by the same folks who make Jot, a fabulous paperless replacement for the seemingly endless sheets of paper for prolific doodlers. The Sketch Pals are small enough to clip to a backpack, car seat or stroller, and they’re durable and, perhaps most importantly, super cute! We have Camper the Puppy, Rawry the Dinosaur and Lilly the Unicorn. At $21.99 they are a great option for last minute gift balancing!


warmies sloth

$19.99 | Ages 0-100+ | Buy It Now!

What could be better for a snuggle on a Maine winter day than a stuffy that you can warm up in the microwave. These snuggly friends are super-soft and cute and come in a wide variety of animals (see also some microwaveable slippers for you, Mom!), and they’re filled with flax seed and lavender so they smell amazing. Part therapy pack, part plushy, these have been a super hot gift this season (pun intended, you’re welcome). Warm one up before bed to get it cozy like a hot water bottle, or enjoy the weight as a way to calm a wound-up kiddo, or yourself!

Do a Dot Markers

do a dot markers

$17.99 | Ages 2+ | Buy It Now!

We’re not really surprised to see these show up on our favorites list–we all love them! Do a Dot Markers are one of the least messy ways that young kids can get started with painting. Kind of like a Bingo marker, these washable, paint-filled pens make colorful dots and fill areas with color beautifully for some large-scale Pointillism! The Rainbow 6 Pack is our favorite, but we also have metallic and scented options. Our Freeport store now offers individual markers, and they make awesome stocking stuffers and expand your rainbow of options. Pair them with a Do a Dot Coloring Book and you’re gifting hours of fun!


$19.99 | Ages 13+ | Buy It Now!

The hot new fidget toy is a great gift for kids who have trouble focusing during online classes, or for grown-ups who have trouble focusing during online meetings. They’re so versatile and with practice, you can do some really cool tricks! These magnetic rings cling to each other and circle each other in a satisfying way. Twirl them, shoot them across the desk like pucks, try to catch them with the other rings. Watch and see how cool they are in the video above. It’s no wonder they’re a hit! They come in different colors and sizes, so look for the size chart to choose the right size–you don’t want them to be tight!

Stanley 5 Piece Toolbox Set

real toolbox for kids

$44.99 | Ages 5+ | Buy It Now!

This is no dinky toolset, this is the real deal! This 5-piece set, made by one of the best-known names in tools, is totally legit. It includes a real (but small) hammer, screwdrivers and tape measure and safety goggles. It has everything a kid needs to do their first building projects. We also have kids of pre-cut wooden pieces for assembly, such as a race car kid and a bird feeder kit!

Magic: Gold Edition

$44.99 | Ages 5+ | Buy It Now!

This deluxe Magic Kit from Thames and Kosmos has 150 different tricks, tools, and a 90-page booklet revealing magicians’ best-kept secrets. What a fun hobby for kids to entertain themselves with as they perfect new tricks and entertain the family with their latest stunts! We could all use a little magical thinking right now, so it’s no wonder this has been a winner!

Spooner Boards

$44.99-$54.99 | Ages 2+ | Freestyle in Red

Ok, so this was on our first list, we know this classic is awesome but it has exceeded our expectations in this year of cooped-up kiddos. The play value of this toy is so vast, covers so many ages, it is something your kids will use for years and years, from age 2 to adult! What can match that?! It’s a fantastic choice for kids who need to get their zoomies out with some physical, active play, or for the hard-to-buy-for teens! Reuben here can do some pretty impressive stuff with it!

We’re stopping here for now, but there have been so many fun new products this year, so many happy shoppers finding that exact right thing for their loved ones in our stores, we could go on and on! We’d love to help you! Just come on in or give us a call and we’ll help you find the gift that will truly WOW and be played with again and again and again and again!