Perler Magical Princess Activity Bucket


Kids can enjoy fairytale fun with the Perler Magical Princess Activity Bucket and its reusable pegboards! For ages 6 and up. This Perler Magical Princess fuse bead bucket includes 8500 beads, 3 pegboards (small square, small star, and pony), ironing paper, and easy instructions. Bead colors include light blue, brown, black, magenta, blue glitter, purple glitter, pastel lavender, toothpaste, plum, white, yellow, peach, pastel yellow, cheddar, hot coral, kiwi lime, blush, bubblegum, light green, light pink, pink, raspberry, and parrot green.

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Product Description

  • Includes: 8500 beads, 3 reusable pegboards, ironing paper, and instructions.
  • Ages 6+
  • #42840


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