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Yoto Mini lets kids explore their imaginations as they explore the world. Kids from 3-12+ use physical cards to explore the best audiobooks, music, activities and educational audio on the move.

No microphone. No camera. No ads.

That’s an easy one! Yoto Mini puts the best of Yoto in the palms of kids’ hands. It’s small enough for kids of all ages to use as a personal player on all their adventures.

This award-winning audio companion doesn’t have a night light, but it shares Yoto Player’s OK-to-wake clock. And like its older sibling, Yoto Mini is packed with free podcasts, radio, sleep sounds and other good stuff for curious young minds.

  • Yoto Mini
  • USB-C charge cable (1m)
  • Welcome Card (it’s also a Make Your Own Card)
  • Setup Guide

Yoto Mini is suitable for kids aged 3+. 

You’ll need a WiFi connection to set up your Yoto Mini and download your Yoto Cards. Once they’re downloaded, your kids can play them wherever and whenever they like!

Yoto Mini has up to 350 hours/16GB of audio storage. Some features, like Yoto Radio and Yoto Daily or your day-and-night clock, will need WiFi. But most listening can be done with or without a connection – at the park, on a plane or in the car!

You can also disconnect Yoto Mini from the WiFi via the app.


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