Vikings of the Northern Lights – SLVNL1

Vikings of the Northern Lights – SLVNL1


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It’s Vikings vs. Ice Dragons as players compete in this game that’s part freeze tag, part team sport. Use for the game as designed or as a dress up accessory. Ice Dragons have invaded the lands, and it’s up to the Vikings to drive them off by restoring the glowing gems to the medieval scepter before the ice dragons freeze-tag them all! Designed to be played in snow or sun, kids can activate their imaginations all year with this magical game. All ages work together to guard, protect and restore the scepter to its full power. Great as a gift or at any group gathering, Vikings of the Northern Lights will get your family off their screens and active. Includes: • One medieval scepter • Five glow gems • All necessary batteries Ages: 5+, all ages play together Number of Players: 3-10+


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