Super Mario Maze Game DX – EP7371


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The Super Mario™ Maze Game is a great game of skill for young and old. Princess peach is trapped on the tower and must be freed! The joystick can be used to move the labyrinth. If you bring the ball through the labyrinth to the top of the tower, Peach’s prison opens. But beware! In each labyrinth there are small traps that stop the ball. The mazes can be swapped back and her in the Maze Game to create an individual game.
The joystick can be used to move the labyrinth.
More than 120,000 combinations are possible. In this game 5 Super Mario™ figures are included, which can also be used in all other EPOCH Super Mario™ board games, which are marked with the addition “Link System”. Play. Collect. Combine.


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