Snugglemi Snackers Pizza 5″ – SQ-106565

Snugglemi Snackers Pizza 5″ – SQ-106565


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Dough. Tomatoes. Cheese. A face. Three of these things are delicious to eat. One of these things MIGHT be delicious to eat, but doing so is not for the squeamish! It’s tough to munch down on someone who’s singing italian folk songs about the hills back in Napoli! So rather than test if you’d really be willing to eat a face that’s in the middle of warbling about how the moon hits your eye when you’re in love, might I suggest an alternate form of interaction? Cuddling this little be-faced pizza is a lot easier than munching it.

Snack-sized Squishable favorites (5-8″!) weighted with beans and cuter than ever.

5 squishy inches of cute little face on cheese. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!


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