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Roald Dahl – Enormous Crocodile – 10002041


Ronald Dahl Enormous Crocodile.

This collection of classic Roald Dahl stories includes The Enormous Crocodile, The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me, and Esio Trot.

The Enormous Crocodile decides that he wants a nice juicy child for lunch, horrifying the other animals in the jungle—his friend, the Notsobig One; Humpy-Rumpy, the hippopotamus; Trunky, the elephant; Muggle-Wump, the monkey; and the Roly-Poly Bird. Despite his secret plans and clever tricks, what the boastful crocodile doesn’t know is that the brave jungle animals have plans of their own for him!

Best for ages 5+

This Tonie teaches kids about: Teamwork, Community,  and Helping others
Total Run Time: 101 minutes

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