Phase 10 Card Game – W4729

Phase 10 Card Game – W4729


From the makers of UNO™ comes a rummy-type card game with a challenging and exciting twist! The object of the game is to be the first player to complete 10 varied phases with two sets of three, one run of seven, or seven cards with the same color. The twist is that each Phase to be completed is specific for each hand dealt. Players who complete one Phase advance to the next, but those who don’t must keep trying until they do. Each deck features “Wild” and Skip” cards, which add excitement and can help you get out of a sticky situation. A “Wild” card can be used in place of a number card, as well as be used as any color to complete any phase, while a “Skip” card causes your opponent to lose a turn! Be the first person to complete all ten phases to win the game.

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  1. Carroll Lawson

    Have been playing Phase 10 for many years with my fellow seniors weekly. Obviously we enjoy the game very much. Our only concern is the actually cards. They do not seem to hold up for very long. They are thin and get sticky after playing for some time.

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