Battleship Electronic – HSBA3846

Battleship Electronic – HSBA3846


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Be at the helm in the fight for the future of the world with this electronic Battleship game! Whether commanding the red fleet or the gray fleet, the job is to destroy the opponent’s fleet before your own is destroyed. Each player gets a battleship, an attack plane, a fighter, a spy plane and a tank for the battle. Scan the battlefield to search for enemies before inputting the coordinates to launch missile salvos and air raids. With up to 30 preset layouts, and an option for custom layouts, the battle will change all the time! Brace yourself for battle as electronic voice commands and sound effects signal search-and-destroy missions to take out opponent’s ships! Play solo or take on a friend in the incredible game of Battleship!

Power up and call in the heavy artillery! This version of Battleship features Classic Game Mode and Advanced Game Mode options. Classic Mode can be played solo or with 2 players where each player enters the coordinates of each strike, and see if the hit was made. In the solo game, you’re playing against the computer, which simulates the second player. Advanced mode is just like the 2-player Classic game, but it gives you additional weapons like air raids and battle scans, and allows you to make three attacks on each turn. Be the first player to destroy 5 ships to win!

2 players
Ages 8+

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