Kellen Koala – d4521

Kellen Koala – d4521


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Kellen our cuddly DLux plush Koala is in search of a pal who’ll munch eucalyptus leaves with him on a comfortable tree branch. However, if you prefer a different type of salad, there’s no need to worry, Kellen will be just as happy with a friend who loves cuddling and hugs! The ultra realistic appearance of this distinctive Koala stuffed animal can be attributed to his beautiful coat of designer faux fur. With its complex mixture of grays and browns and its dark colored roots, Kellen is the next best thing to a real Koala! Fluffy white ear tufts and white markings around his lifelike brown eyes bring additional realism to Kellen’s appearance. Invite this exotic Australian marsupial into your home and make Kellen a part of your family!

Additional information

Dimensions 12 in

24 Months & Up


12″ Tall


(31 cm)


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