Atomic Nee Doh – s-ATND

Atomic Nee Doh – s-ATND


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Atomic Nee Doh is breaking the boundaries of stress balls… it’s totally out of this world! Just give it a squeeze, and one turns to many! The growing groovy globs magically change colors and are filled with a super-soft compound, making it the perfect fidget toy. Give Atomic Nee Doh a squish, a pull, or a smush, it will always return back to its original shape!

Atomic Nee Doh makes a great gift & is perfect for schools, party favors, those with special needs, the office, stress relief and so much more! A great fidget toy; appropriate for anxious tendencies; helps promote focus, attention, and centering.

Available in Blue/Pink, Yellow/Orange, and Pink/Blue

  • Squeeze to reveal multiple groovy globs!

Limit 5 per order due to demand and availability.


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