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axe throwing game for kids

Outdoor Fall Fun for Kids

As the days get colder you may find yourself hunting for some fun new ways to help your kids have fun with new ideas for socially-distanced play. We’ve been helping lots of parents find new activities to keep kids busy outdoors, and helping grandparents find ideas for outdoor play-dates with their grandkids. We have lots of fun new ideas, as well as classics, that bring the fun!

Axe Throwing

Don’t worry. We’re not talking about real axes, of course. This axe throwing set for kids from Toysmith uses strong velcro to make this parent and kid-approved game safe and fun. Kids can take turns with target practice, or get two and let them go head-to-head! This game is recommended for ages 6 and up, and even adults have fun with it!


axe throwing kit for kids


WOWMazing Bubble Wands

Bubbles are always a good time, and these wands from WOWMazing make mega bubbles that mesmerize kids of all ages. Kids can have fun chasing the giant bubbles, trying to out-do each other with the biggest bubble ever (this is the same solution/company that holds records in the Guinness Book), or just watch in wonder as the giant bubbles soar. We have 3 different wand kits as well as refill packs of the amazing bubble solution that comes with these kits. If you’re looking for something smaller, we also carry Pustefix bubbles from Germany, that have the most amazing iridescence and longevity, and no-spill bubble tumblers from Fubbles.

fall outdoor play with bubbles

Laser X Tag

All the fun of laser tag without having to leave your own yard! Laser X kits have been a hit at our stores for years, and they’re especially popular this year as a way for older kids to have fun while social distancing. Each kit includes arm band sensors and laser blasters. Kids can run around the yard in the dark trying to blast each others’ arm bands. Pair multiple sets for more kids to play. We have both the full-sized set that includes 2 blasters and 2 arm bands and a microblaster┬áversion that also offers two of each (and can pair with the full-sized version).

laser x microblaster


Another classic, kites have proven to be one of the hot items of 2020, since they are perfect for enjoying the outdoors with friends at a distance! We have several kites in stock, from large rainbow dragon kites to tiny butterfly kites, but our favorite has to be the highly portable, easy-to-use pocket kite from House of Marbles. These kites are incredibly simple to use since there is no assembly or frame, and they stow easily in a small pouch, so they’re easy to keep with you in the car so you have it read for whenever the wind is right. They are also so easy to fly, even for novice fliers!

pocket kite flying on the beach

Glow Battle

Glow Battle and its friends Glow Battle Ninja and Capture the Flag Redux are new to us this year, and we’re so excited about this fun addition to our Outdoor Play category. As the days get shorter, glow in the dark games are a perfect choice for after school play! Glow Battle includes everything you need for a family game, even the batteries. Divide into two teams and try to tap your opponents arm bands to knock them out of the game (don’t worry, the wands aren’t too hard), or try our glow-in-the-dark version of capture the flag!


Spectrum Sidewalk Chalk

Create beautiful sidewalk art for your friends and neighbors to enjoy, leave messages for friends and essential workers, and decorate Grandma & Grandpas driveway with love–sidewalk chalk was a huge hit during the early days of quarantine and that initiated an Island Treasure quest to find the very best sidewalk chalk out there. I think we found it. This chalk is made in Seattle and it is SO vibrant! No washed-out pastels here. The Spectrum Sidewalk Chalk set has such a beautiful vibrance and feel to it, you’ll want to decorate the whole street!


Hacky Sacks

Why not throw it back to 90s high school days with a “hacky sack” circle? Grab a few of these little crocheted bags and show your kids how it’s done!

hacky sack


We hope that these ideas help you continue to enjoy outdoor fun together safely until the snow falls. We have lots of comfortable kids masks and now have teen sizes as well. We’re always ready with great ideas, so give us a shout or stop by our stores and ask one of our play experts for ideas if you need more!

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