Your Guide to the Best Gifts for Active Kids (2020 Edition)

Some kids just need to move. It’s hardwired in their DNA or something.

And that’s great! Being active has life-long benefits and it’s great to foster that love from an early age. But let’s be candid for a moment.

It’s exhausting being a human jungle gym and on-call race buddy all the dang time.

That’s where this gift guide comes in.

We’ve pulled together our top 10 holiday gift ideas for the kids in your life that need to get the wiggles out.

The best part?

Almost all of them encourage independent play. #winning

So let’s move along (pun 100% intended), shall we? Here are our top 10 gift ideas for active kiddos.

Holiday Gifts for Active Kids

Playzone Fit Wack-a-Tag

BUDGET BUY | $19.99 | Ages 18 months – 6 years | Buy It Now!

What do you get when you combine everyone’s favorite carnival game with shuttle runs from gym class?

Wack-a-Tag from our friends at Playzone Fit!

Wack-a-Tag is our new favorite way to encourage littles (and older kiddos, too) to get their wiggles out. Our favorite thing about Wack-a-Tag is the flexibility it offers.

Have a younger toddler? Set the three lightweight pop-up pieces close together for an exercise in concentration and hand-eye coordination. For older kids, spread the pieces farther apart for more of a challenge. It works for solo or group play and can be a standalone activity or incorporated into other games (we think it’s fun as part of an obstacle course!).

Globber Scooters

GRAMMY’S GOLD STAR | $84.99 – $109.99 | Primo – ages 3-6+ years, Elite – ages 3-9+ years | Buy It Now!

We think Globber Scooters are the best scooters for active kiddos! They’re portable, comfortable to ride, and easy for both beginners and experienced riders alike. What more could you possibly ask for?

Oh, and the wheels light up. Did we forget to mention that? Because the wheels totally light up!

Is the kiddo you’re shopping for not quite ready for a scooter yet? We also carry the Globber Go Bike, an adjustable balance bike for toddlers ages 2-5 years. Buy it now for $69.99!

Spooner Boards

$44.99 – $54.99 | Freestyle – ages 3 years-teen, Pro – ages 5-adult | Buy Freestyle or Pro Spooner Board Now!

For the budding Shaun White or Tony Hawk in your life, there are few gifts better than a Spooner Board. The unique, patented shape of these balance boards simulates the feeling of snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding – you can practice your skills, learn new tricks, or just have fun!

Free Standing Boxing Set

$36.99 | Ages 4-10 years | Buy It Now!

If ever there was a year that called for a punching bag, 2020 is it. This portable free standing boxing set allows young athletes to work on their sparring skills, focus on fitness, or just blow off some steam.

an active kid wearing boxing gloves standing in front of a punching bag

Set up is a cinch (just fill the base with sand or water and inflate the punching bag with the included pump) and comes with everything you need to go for a few rounds.

Pick-Up-and-Go Cornhole

$59.99 | Ages 4-10 years | Buy It Now!

kid's cornhole set

Lots of folks have asked us for cornhole sets recently and we listened! After all, we’re big cornhole fans too.

That’s why we’re so excited about this lightweight, portable set. Its smaller design and two scoring holes make everyone’s favorite backyard game more approachable for young players. This portable cornhole set is perfect for trips to the beach (we know, we know… it’s autumn… but we can dream, can’t we?), backyard barbecues, and even indoor play!

Mischief Maker Slingshot

BUDGET BUY | $19.99 | Ages 4+ | Buy It Now!

Real talk: Life’s just a little more fun when you’re making a bit of mischief.

Keep the mischief safe with this classic wooden slingshot! Its unique design allows it to only shoot soft foam balls, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.

slingshot for kids

Make it extra-special: Is there such a thing as too much ammo? We think not! Add on a refill pack with 6 extra soft foam balls for even more fun. Buy It Now for $5.99 – link coming soon!

4FUN Cosmic Glow Mini Golf

GRAMMY’S GOLD STAR | $129.00 | Ages 4-adult | Buy It Now!

There’s something magical and just a little bit nostalgic about mini-golf, isn’t there? Capture that feeling – and bring the fun indoors! – with a toy the whole family will love.

You’ll love this indoor mini-golf course because it’s a breeze to set up and take down (seriously, the kids can do it while you kick back!). The kiddos will love that they can customize the holes to make them as challenging as they’d like. And everyone will love flipping on the blacklights for an out-of-this-world mini-golfing experience!

Slackers Ninjaline 36’ Intro Kit

GRAMMY’S GOLD STAR | $99.99 | Ages 5+ | Buy It Now!

Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior premiered last month and kids everywhere are itching to prove they’ve got what it takes to be the Last Ninja Standing.

Take their training (and their energy!) outdoors with the Slackers Ninjaline! All you need is two trees or posts to create your very own Ninja Warrior training gym in your backyard.

American Ninja Warrior course for kids

The 36’ Ninjaline – which does double-duty as a slackline – comes with 7 hanging obstacles and a storage bag for easy transportation. The 14 double-sewn pockets allow you to customize your course and add extra obstacles for an even greater challenge!

Make it extra-special: Add a touch of authenticity with the Slackers Ninja Timer! Featuring a big red button, satisfying buzzer noise, and a large display that clearly shows your best time. Buy it now for $25.99 – link coming soon!

Laser X Micro Blaster

$26.99 | Ages 6+ | Buy It Now!

indoor laser tag

All the fun of Laser X, now in a more compact size! This set comes with everything you need to outfit two players for a real-life laser gaming experience. All Laser X equipment works together, so you can get the whole neighborhood in on the action. After all, it’s easy to social distance when your blaster has a 100’ range!

Marky Sparky Faux Bow Pro

$34.99 | Ages 8 years-teen | Buy It Now!

As a sport, archery isn’t just great exercise – it also helps develop control, coordination, patience, calmness, and self-confidence.

kids archery set

The Faux Bow introduces tweens and teens to archery in a way that is both safety-minded and realistic. Our favorite feature? The foam-tipped arrows, which shoot and fly just like real arrows but are designed to safely bounce off targets!

Your Guide to the Best Gifts for Active Kids

And that’s a wrap! We’ve given you our top 10 picks for the active kiddos on your list. Hopefully, this gift guide has inspired you to get a jump on your holiday shopping!

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