The 10 Best Educational Gift Ideas for At Home Learning

2020 has been… rough(to say the least)… when it comes to education. Whether the kiddo in your life has been distance learning, hybrid schooling, or homeschooling, this year has been unlike any other.

And, let’s be real. It hasn’t always been a lot of fun. For anyone.

At Island Treasure Toys, we’re on a mission to make learning fun again! Our science section – and the rest of the store – is filled with all kinds of great toys that foster learning through play.

That’s why we’ve pulled together this list of 10 A+ gift ideas that are sure to make little ones excited about learning again.

Let’s dive right into the best educational toys for the 2020 holiday season!

Your Guide to the Best Educational Gifts of 2020

Dig It Up! Giant Gem Discovery

$29.99 | Ages 4+ | Buy It Now!

giant rock digging kit

Kids and rocks. They’re as iconic a pair as peanut butter and jelly or macaroni and cheese.

Beef up their rock collection and promote an early interest in science and geology with this at-home excavation kit!

This giant diggable geode includes 12 minerals like jasper and tiger’s eye for intrepid young geologists to dig up, a bonus mini-dig, and a gem identification poster so they can learn about their new treasures.

Kids First Robot Safari

$29.99 | Ages 5-7+ | Buy It Now!

The best way to foster a lifelong love of learning is to get them started early. There’s no better way to spark an interest in STEM than with this adorable robot safari kit.

robot safari first robotics kit for kids

The 32-page illustrated manual reads like a storybook and shows young engineers how to build 8 different motorized robotic animals, including a unicorn, narwhal, and baby llama. The big building pieces are just the right size for little hands, and the engineering and robotics concepts introduced are broken down in a way that’s fun and easy for little scientists to understand!

MukikiM Rock N Roll It! Rainbow Piano

GRAMMY’S GOLD STAR! | $59.99 | Ages 6+ | Buy It Now!

rainbow keyboard for kids

There are countless reasons why we’re obsessed with the Rock N Roll It! Rainbow Piano, but for the sake of brevity we’ll give you our top three.

  1. It takes up virtually no space! This 49-key keyboard can be rolled up and tucked away when not in use. No fuss, no muss.
  2. It’s 100% portable! The Rainbow Piano is compact enough to fit in a backpack or purse and can run on battery power or be plugged in with the included USB cord.
  3. It actually teaches your child to read and play music! The unique play-by-color songbook will have beginners playing basic songs in no time.

The Rock N Roll It! Rainbow Piano sold out last holiday season, so be sure to grab yours ASAP!

Thames & Kosmos Mega Cyborg Hand

$40.99 | Ages 7+ | Buy It Now!

Discover the power of hydraulics this holiday season! With this kit from Thames & Kosmos, budding scientists will build their own giant (16”!) hydraulic cyborg hand and learn how pneumatic and hydraulic systems are used in industrial robots to enable them to manipulate heavy objects.

DIY Rainbow Catcher

$24.99 | Ages 8+ | Buy It Now!

Our favorite gifts are the multipurpose kind. That’s one of the reasons we love this STEM kit which doubles as a beautiful suncatcher.

rainbow prism maker science kit

Kiddos will learn about the science of sunlight, prisms, and the special weather conditions that cause rainbows, all while having fun and creating something to beautify their space. The included activity book also includes rainbow-themed experiments to keep the fun (and learning!) going after the initial project is complete.

Tiny Baking

BUDGET BUY! | $19.99 | Ages 8+ | Buy It Now!

If you’ve been following along with our gift guides, you might have noticed that we’re kind of obsessed with all things miniature.

We can’t help it. Everything’s just so much cuter when it’s tiny!

tiny baking kit

This tiny baking kit is no exception, that’s for sure!

Bite-sized culinary tools and an easy-to-follow recipe guide will have young chefs whipping up itty-bitty versions of classic favorites like cupcakes, lattice crust pies, and even pizza. In addition to always important kitchen skills, kiddos will also pick up some math and chemistry concepts while on their pint-sized culinary adventures!

Shimmering Lip Balms

$20.99 | Ages 8+ | Buy It Now!

Don’t be fooled by its glittery exterior. This DIY lip balm kit is packed full of STEAM learning opportunities!

diy lip balm kit for kids

Sure, your young scientist will make shimmery lip balms and tasty lip scrubs, but at the same time they’ll be learning about the science behind humectants and emollients, melting points, and more.

GraviTrax Starter Set

GRAMMY’S GOLD STAR! | $59.99 | Ages 8+ | Buy It Now!

GraviTrax. Are. So. Stinkin. Cool.

See what we mean? They’re awesome! And the best thing about them is that they’re not just fun.

This interactive race track building system lets young physicists experiment with engineering, gravity, magnetism, and kinetic movement. Plus, playing and building with GraviTrax builds spatial reasoning and planning skills. The opportunities for creativity and experimentation are endless!

Make it extra-special: Add a cannon launcher to your marble run to boost your speed and extend your run! Buy It Now for $9.99!

Space Weather Station

BUDGET BUY! | $19.99 | Ages 8+ | Buy It Now!

kids terrarium kit

Learning about the water cycle is out of this world fun (heh) with this all-in-one weather station and terrarium! A working thermometer, anemometer, weather vane, compass, and rain gauge give young scientists a chance to get hands-on experience in the study of weather and physics.

Teach Tech KC3 Keypad Coding Robot

$39.99 | Ages 8+ | Buy It Now!

Coding is an important skill for young learners, and we love this screen-free option for learning the basics.

KC3 can be built and rebuilt into three different models – Sweeper, Doodler, and Shooter – and programmed using the built-in keypad. Building and coding robots has never been easier or more fun!

The Best Educational Toys of 2020

And that’s a wrap. We’ve given you our top 10 picks for gifts to make learning fun this holiday season! Hopefully, this gift guide has inspired you to get a jump on your holiday shopping.

Need even more gift recommendations? We love playing personal shopper! Visit one of our stores in Yarmouth, Freeport, or Bath, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.


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